Focus Group Demographics

Contact Information
Which of the following best describe(s) your gender identity?
Which of the following choices best represent your race or origin? (Choose as many as apply)
What is your age?
How many years of experience do you have as a farm owner?
In which state is your farm located?
Which of the following best describes the community where your farm is located?
How many acres does your farm have in production?
Do you own or rent the land you farm?
How is your farm business structured?
What is your biggest source of household income?
What do you produce on your farm? (select as many as apply)
Which of the following best describes your growing practices?
How do you sell your products? (select as many as apply)
What were your gross sales in farm products last year?
What was or will be the greatest number of workers employed by your farm on any day during the growing season?
How many full-time employees (not including owner-operators) were employed on your farm last year?
How many additional employees does your farm plan to hire for any part of this year’s growing season?
What percentage of your workforce is or will be:
Family Members
Local U.S. Residents
Seasonal H-2A or other non-U.S. residents
What was the average hourly wage for workers on your farm last year?
Did your farm provide any of the following employee benefits last year? (select as many as apply)
If you own a farm or work on a farm, or if you are planning to start a farm business, which of the following best describes future plans for your farm?
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