COVID-19 Response Satisfaction Program Registration Form

Hello and welcome to the COVID Response Satisfaction Program for Oklahoma Museums!

The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Museums Association has endorsed a collaboration with Rove Marketing, a travel and tourism data consulting firm, to help Oklahoma museums prepare for and monitor visitor satisfaction as they reopen and reengage their visitors. 

The COVID response satisfaction program is designed to capture visitor insight surrounding safety measures and the visitor experience at your museum upon reopening. This collective program is designed to share aggregated data among participants, to understand best practices and promote success across Oklahoma museums.  It will also allow your museum to quickly respond to any negative trends being indicated by your visitors as it relates to your COVID safety protocols.

To accelerate the program launch we are asking a few questions to set up your museum’s personal visitor survey link and data dashboard. To confirm participation in the COVID Response Satisfaction Program, please complete the registration and agreement form below. The basic fee for participation is $500 for six months and additional option add-ons are available.  The fee is payable in 90 days, as we recognize that  museums need time to reopen and replenish. 

Knowing that we are stronger together, we look forward to working with you and the Oklahoma Museums Association on this important visitor satisfaction program. 

Rove Marketing 
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