The Work-Readiness of Candidate Quantity Surveyors
Dear Madam / Sir

I am currently an honours student in quantity surveying at the Nelson Mandela University, in Port Elizabeth.
My research report is entitled: “The Work-Readiness of Candidate Quantity Surveyors”. It entails a strategic evaluation of the work readiness of candidate quantity surveyors, measuring factors such as organisational acumen, personal characteristics, social intelligence and their work competence.   

To complete this strategic evaluation, I am required to analyse the overall work performance and readiness levels of candidate quantity surveyors in the construction industry in South Africa. Work readiness is the extent to which individuals are perceived to possess the attitudes and attributes that make them prepared or ready for success in the work environment.

The above-mentioned research topic is in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureus Scientiae Honours in Quantity Surveying. To meet the objectives of the research the attached questionnaire has been carefully designed and a pilot study was conducted to take between 10 minutes to complete. A selection of candidate Quantity Surveyors in South Africa has been made, which includes you, to participate in this survey.  

I therefore request your participation to the attached survey. Half an hour off your CPD, category 1 module will be awarded upon participation. Your response will contribute towards identifying the various levels of Work-readiness of candidate quantity surveyors but will also enhance the reliability on the research findings. All responses will be treated with the greatest confidentiality.

If you wish to withdraw from the study or have any queries, please feel free to contact the researcher listed above. Completion of the survey will serve as your consent. Thank you for your participation. 

Yours sincerely   
Siyanda Maleta Ntebe BSc (QS)    
TEL:  +27 (0) 84 774 7031