Factory Engine Overhaul Survey Fall 2011

The results of this survey will be posted in an upcoming article in Aviation Consumer Magazine. You do not have to answer all of the questions, but it will help make the survey more beneficial to readers.

The collated responses and our recommendations will offer useful information on user experiences with factory engines and overhauls. We have asked for your e-mail address in case we have any questions. We do not release or use this information in any way other than to seek additional information.

If you have overhauled more than one engine, please fill out a survey form for each one.
What brand and model of airplane does the overhaul apply to? (For example, Cessna 172, Diamond Star, etc.)
What year is your aircraft? Please use four-digit year such as 1978.
How often do you fly?
Less that 25 hours per year
25-50 hours per year
50-100 hours per year
Over 100 hours per year
For my airplane, I bought a:
Factory new engine
Factory remanufactured engine
Factory overhaul
The airplane is new and/or on its first factory engine since new.
What type of engine do you have? This applies to factory new, factory reman and factory overhaul. (Example: Lycoming O-540, Continental O-200.)
For whatever engine you bought, why did you decide to go with the factory option?
Quality and percentage of new parts used
Rapid availability
Combination of the above
In shopping for your engine, did you compare prices and specs with a field overhaul shop?
Doesn't apply or no answer.
If you did compare prices with a field overhaul shop, was the factory engine...
Less expensive
More expensive
About the same
Doesn't apply to me
As far as delivery is concerned, was the engine delivered on time to your satisfaction?
Yes, it was right on time.
It was a little late, but still okay.
It was way late and unsatisfactory.
Doesn't apply to me.
How would your rate the quality and performance of the engine?
Excellent. Lived up to my expectations.
Satisfactory, but not exceptional.
How would you describe dealing with the factory in terms of responsiveness?
Excellent. Communications were timely and on point.
Adequate, but not exceptional.
Definitely needs work.
Terrible, actually.
Did you have any warranty claims?
If you had any warranty claims, how would you rate the factory's response?
Excellent. They went above and beyond.
Satisfactory...about what I expected.
Not all that good, actually.
Doesn't apply to me.
Overall, how would you rate your experience with your factory engine?
Excellent. First rate all around.
Good, but not exceptional.
Absolutely terrible.
Doesn't apply to me.
How likely would you be to use the factory again, for either an overhaul, reman or new engine?
Very likely.
Somewhat likely.
Not very likely.
Not a chance.
Doesn't apply or I'm not sure.
Use the space below for any general comments on your factory engine experience:
E-Mail Adress:
Daytime Telephone #:
Please contact customer_service@belvoir.com if you have any questions regarding this survey.
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