Exit Survey

2017 Michigan Latino Arts Survey

NALAC invites Michigan artists and arts stakeholders to participate in our 2017 Michigan Latino Arts Survey. Through the survey, we aim to discover what resources are benefiting Michigan arts practitioners, as well as what areas can benefit from further support. To this end, two surveys were customized to address Artists and Organizations, respectively. NALAC will analyze the results and use data to inform advocacy efforts in support of Michigan Latinx arts communities. The participation of Latinx artists and arts organizations is key to ensure all communities are represented.

Please share the survey with your colleagues and organizations in your networks. The only requirements for taking the survey are a) to be at least a part-time resident of Michigan and b) to identify as a Latinx artist or arts stakeholder.

All information collected in the 2017 Michigan Latino Arts Survey is both confidential and anonymous. Surveys are also available in Spanish, and in PDF versions that can be printed and mailed to us. For more information about these options contact us at marco.sv@nalac.org.

For more information on NALAC in Michigan, please visit the NALAC Michigan Initiative page.