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In the past, the maritime industry has traditionally been viewed as a man’s world[1] but many businesses involved in the maritime sector have made great strides in increasing female participation. With “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community” as the theme of 2019 World Maritime Day, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) says this is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of gender equality.

MIAL seeks to gather information relating to gender diversity in the Australian maritime industry and how organisations work within the industry to promote diversity. Diversity and inclusion encompass a broad range of groups however this survey will focus on women in maritime. With MIAL’s Seafaring Skills Census focusing on seagoing roles, this survey intends to also explore other roles that are within the maritime industry.

Survey admin
We recommend obtaining information relating to your workforce demographic such as age profiles, titles and numbers to assist in completing the survey. With this information on-hand, the time taken to complete the survey is estimated at approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You can save your spot in the survey, exit at any time and return to it later. Your information will remain confidential and data from the research will be reported in aggregate. Any information collected from participating organisations will only be used to ensure data integrity to gain an accurate industry snapshot. 

Next steps
Once the survey information is reported, MIAL will report the findings so that the maritime sector can consider the need to develop and promote initiatives within the industry to increase gender diversity.

MIAL contact
If you have any questions regarding the survey please contact Tayissa Popowicz (Workplace Relations Advisor) on +61 499 644 005 or at tayissa.popowicz@mial.com.au.

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[1] International Labour Organization (ILO) (2019), Note on the Proceedings ‘Sectoral meeting on the Recruitment and Retention of Seafarers and the Promotion of Opportunities for Women Seafarers’, First Edition 2019, Geneva.
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