General Comments

  • Enabled peer-review/collaboration.
    - cesar.rodriguez  1 year ago, 17-Jun-2020
Have you noticed the vegan/ vegetarian options available in our cafes?
Would you visit the Connection Café for a Meatless Monday (or other single day of the week)?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Would you eat foods at the Connection Café grown in a garden on campus? (hydroponic/ vertical farming) 
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Are you interested in eating meat substitutes such as Beyond Beef and or Impossible products? 
Not Interested 
Very Interested
Regarding how food is served, please select an option.
Select all that apply. 
Are you interested in made-to-order meals? 
Not Interested
Very Interested
Do you care about the materials and or the amount of material used when eating meals? (Cardboard vs Styrofoam) (Straw vs No Straw) 
Is sustainability something you think about when eating meals?  
Do you care about the carbon footprint of the foods that you consume? 
Do you think about food waste when you eat meals?  
COVID-19 has changed the way I think about eating in restaurants and buffet style dining halls. 
Would you be interested in educational signage or informational literature to accompany your dining hall meal sessions? 
<div>What foods are you most likely to throw away at the end of a meal? </div>
What food would you like to see implemented in the Connection Café? 
What are your thoughts on how COVID-19 should affect the order of operations in the dining halls at UTA?
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