Kindred's Request for Proposals for New District and School Partners 
SY 2023 - 2024

Questions marked with a * are required
Kindred invites Preschool-12the grade schools to apply for partnership for SY 2023-2024. 
District or School leaders should complete the application. The purpose of our application is to get to know you and your district/school community better. Please respond honestly and candidly to the application questions. We know there is no such thing as a “perfect” district or school and we are here to be partners in the district's/school's efforts to realize their visions.  Within this, please note that your responses will be kept confidential.

For further information about Kindred and the RFP process, please read the Overview and FAQ document.
Part 1: Leader and School Information
Directions: Please provide your contact information below.
Contact Information
Part 2: Application Questions
Directions:  Please answer each question in 250 words or fewer. We place the word limit to give you a sense of the length of answer we are looking for; please don’t spend extra time getting it to exactly 250 words. It’s ok to go over slightly. Your responses will be kept confidential. 
What is your school or district’s vision for equity?
In your wildest dreams, in a world without any staffing or financial constraints, how would families and staff, including school leadership, be engaged in your district/school  as collaborators to advance equitable opportunities for all children?
Think about the voices (students, staff, and caregivers) who have formal and informal power around decision-making. Whose voices are elevated? Whose voices are dismissed? Whose voices are missing?
Other than financial and/or staff capacity constraints, what are the barriers you perceive to realizing your vision of equity?
​​How do you think becoming a Kindred partner will help you get closer to your vision? If you or your school/district has engaged in specific training/development around equity before, what was it? How will your partnership with Kindred build on this work? 
Please list any positions/roles or groups that currently support district’s/school culture and/or community engagement. Briefly describe their purpose. 
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