The Soulard B3 festival survey

How satisfied were you with the Soulard B3 festival?
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How did you hear about the Soulard B3 festival?
Why did you attend the Soulard B3 festival?
What was your favorite experience or moment of the Soulard B3 festival?
Did you enjoy the Festing in the Moment plein air art contest?
Would you be willing to participate in an online art auction?
Did you participate in the Harmonica workshop?
What workshops would you like to see the future?
Was the Soulard B3 festival venue accessible?
Rate from 1-5 stars (5 stars is best rating)
Did the Soulard B3 festival meet your expectations?
How likely would you be to attend the Soulard B3 festival in the future?
Would you recommend the Soulard B3 festival to a friend or colleague?
What would have made the Soulard B3 festival better?
What was your biggest takeaway from the Soulard B3 festival?
Please share any additional comments, thoughts, or suggestions for future Soulard B3 festivals.
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