EE Colorado Collaboratory Opt-In Survey

New to equity in evaluation? This is for you. A seasoned evaluation practitioner? This is for you, too.

The Colorado Collaboratory will be a co-created space where all evaluators can move their practice forward, no matter where they are starting. This community of practice will give evaluators opportunities to build a shared understanding of what it means to do equitable evaluation, to challenge our own assumptions about how evaluation is currently done, and explore approaches to doing evaluation in more equitable ways. The Colorado Collaboratory will provide opportunities for evaluators from different locales around Colorado, from all backgrounds, working in various settings and serving diverse communities to share lessons and experiences and learn from one another.
This community of practice is meant for:  

  • people whose primary role is designing and conducting evaluation (including students in evaluation programs)
  • evaluators who live in Colorado and practice evaluation here
  • evaluators who are anywhere along their journey of integrating equity into their work

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