AIR seeks scenarios that demonstrate how ethical principles can be applied to the work of data professionals. They will be used to create learning tools that spark discussion in our community.  
This is an anonymous collection tool, and AIR has no way of identifying who submits information.  
Submissions that are hypothetical in nature are encouraged. If scenarios are based on actual events, they should not include any identifiable details. 

What submissions will be considered for inclusion?  
General scenarios without identifying information 
What submissions will be left out?  
Any submissions that include identifying information (names, places, etc.), characteristics that could result in identification, or sensitive material will not be included, and the information will be deleted from the anonymous survey collection system 
The AIR Statement of Ethical Principles does not serve as or substitute for legal advice. If you have serious ethical concerns, please contact your institution’s legal counsel.  
Please describe a scenario that demonstrates how ethical principles can be applied to the work of data professionals. The scenario should be hypothetical in nature, or if based on actual events, should not include any identifiable details.  
How might the situation be resolved? 
What are the potential implications? 
Please add any additional comments. 
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Leah Ross, lross@airweb.org.
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