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Questions marked with a * are required Exit Survey
* What is your age?
Prefer not to answer
* What gender do you identify with?
Prefer not to answer
* What is your ethnicity/national origin? Please check all that apply.
Black or African American
American Indian/Alaska Native
Asian/Southeast Asian/Filipino/Indian subcontinent
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
Middle Eastern
Prefer not to answer

* What is your relationship with Arkansas Tech University?
* What is the highest level of education you have obtained? If you are in High School and are enrolled concurrently, select "No High School or Equivalent."
No High School Equivalent
High School Diploma/GED
Associates Degree or Technical Certification
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Professional or Doctoral Degree
* Are you fluent in more than one language
If yes, please list.
* In the last 12 months, what events or locations did you attend or visit? Performance in event counts as attendance. Please check all that apply
Concert i.e. Symphony
Concert i.e. Rock, Rap, Country
Dance Performance
Danced Socially
Art Gallery
Historic Park/Monument
Historic Building
Play or Other Dramatic Event
Art Festival/Craft Fair
Native American Cultural Event

* What historic media have you viewed/read/consumed in the past 12 months? This does not include resources you accessed for class assignments. Please select all that apply.
Watched a "based on real events" movie.
Viewed documentaries - tv/Netflix/youtube/etc.
Listened to historical podcasts
Read historical blogs
Read historical fiction
Read historical non-fiction
Visited a website dedicated to historical topics

* What activities related to the past have you participated in within the last 12 months? Please check all that apply.
Attended a family or other reunion
Participated an a hobby or collected something related to the past
Worked on genealogy
Written in a journal or diary
Looked at photos with family or friends
Took pictures or video to preserve a memory
Participated in a group devoted to studying, presenting, or preserving the past
Asked family member or friend to share a story from their past

On a scale of 1-10, how connected to the past do you feel for each of the following?
1-No Connection 2 3-Somewhat Connected 4 5-Extremely Connected
* When you gather with your family
* When you study history in school
* When you visit a history museum or historic site
* When you are celebrating a holiday
* When you are reading a book about the past
* When you are watching a movie or television program about the past
Knowing about the past of which of the following areas or groups is THE MOST important to you?
Your family
Your racial or ethnic group
The community in which you live
Your country
I have no interest in history in any form
* Were you aware that there is a museum on campus?
* If you have visited the museum, what is your overall impression?
I enjoyed it
I did not enjoy it
I did not enjoy or dislike it
* In reference to the last question, what did you like, dislike, or wish was different about the museum?
What type of museum programming would increase your likelihood of visiting or revisiting the Tech Museum?
Tech History
Black/African American History
Native American History/Archaeology
Civil Rights
Ozark/Ouachita/General Regional Culture and History
Recent History
Makes no Difference/Will not attend
* If you were considering a class that required a personal or class visit to the campus museum or the use of museum holdings would you be: 
More likely to enroll
Less likely to enroll
Not a factor in my enrollment decision
* Which of the following would have an impact on your decision to visit or revisit a museum? Please add any other factors that may not be listed.
Free or very low admission price
Gift Shop
Guided Tours
Audio Tours
Personal Enjoyment
Places to sit and relax
Relevance to me personally
Accessibility of the museum and exhibits
Helpfulness of museum staff
Feeling of awe and wonder
Museum has an "institutional feel"
Display of rare or beautiful objects
Cleanliness of the building
Seeing the "real thing"
Digital exhibits/use of technology in innovative ways
Spending time with family/friends
Space to imagine/recall other times/places
Place to experience different cultures
Availability of children's programming
Website for planning visit or post visit reviewing
Availability of onsite snacks/refreshments

* Is there anything else that you feel it is important that we should know?