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Ella Jane is a family run online home & gift store in South Australia and we would love to get to know you.  Specifically - we'd love to understand your needs, wants and frustrations in regards to the decor and accessories you purchase for your home.

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It will only take a couple of minutes and your answers will remain strictly CONFIDENTIAL, anonymous and will NEVER be shared with any other party.  At no time will we ask you for personal information.

To show our appreciation, $1 will be donated to help disadvantaged Australian children (The Smith Family) on your behalf!

Thank you

Sue, Laura & Ella-Jane

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p.s. Just click on the NEXT button below to get started!  There are 10 questions that are quick and easy to complete, make sure you click the NEXT button to move onto the next question.

Email us at contact@ellajane.com.au if you have any problems or questions

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