2022 5K Survey - Questionnaire

How would you rate your overall experience with the Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K?
Did you participate in any previous year's Fish Out of Water Virtual 5K?
How likely are you to participate in a future REEF Virtual 5K?
How important were the following to your participation?
Very important, would definitely want this included next year
I appreciated it, but not a deal breaker if it's not included next time
I could do without it next time
I do not think it should be included next time
Receiving a shirt
Fish Teams vinyl sitckers 
Having multiple fish teams to choose from 
The option to form a 'Fish Shoal'
How many other organized races (virtual or in person) have you participated in?
How did you hear about the race?
Do you feel the registration fee was reasonable?
What can we improve upon for our next 5K event? Please provide any suggestions, comments, or other feedback on event format, communications, race swag, fee, etc. 
How did you participate in the race?
Submit your time here, and any information you'd like to share about how you completed the 5K: (optional)
Please share any stories you have from participating in the 5K. Did you participate with friends or family? Did you share information about your selected fish team on social media? (optional)
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