Interictal Neuropsychological Functioning in People with Migraine

Female Healthy Control (Non-migraine) Participants are also needed!
We are continuing to recruit female control (non-migraine) participants between the ages of 18 and 69. This is important to help us to more accurately measure the differences between our strongly female migraine participant group. So please pass on the message!

If you have arrived on this page because you would like to participate in PhD research looking at migraine and cognition, welcome!
The following questions will help us determine if you are suitable to participate in this study as someone who experiences migraine. However, for those who do not experience migraine, we will also ask some questions to check that you qualify as a 'healthy control' participant. This should take approximately 5 minutes to complete if you are hoping to participate as a someone who experiences migraine. If you are applying as a healthy control, this survey will be very brief.
At the end of the survey, please fill out your details in the form so we can provide you with more information about the study and a consent form. If you are eligible, we will also call you to double check your eligibility with a more detailed screening questionnaire, at your convenience.
On this call we will ask you some questions about your experiences with migraine headaches and background medical history to see if you are suitable to participate. Your information collected will remain confidential.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at migrainecog@gmail.com.

Chief Investigator: Prof. Simon Crowe (s.crowe@latrobe.edu.au)
LTU Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) No.: HEC20014
La Trobe University (Melbourne Campus)
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