Invermere Public Library Community Feedback Survey

Do you have an Invermere Public Library card?
How often do you use the services at the Invermere Public Library?
Please help us understand why you use the library less than once per month or never. Select as many reasons as applicable.
When you visit the library, do you usually...(check all that apply)
Please rate the following services and programs that are currently offered at the library:
ExcellentVery goodAdequateNeeds Improvement
Adult collection
Junior/teen collection
Picture books collection
Online services such as eBooks
Public seating areas
Access to public computers
Children's programming
Adult programming
Customer service provided by staff
How important do you think it is for the community to have access to the following services, even if they may be ones that you would not use:
Very importantImportantSomewhat importantNot importantDon't know enough to answer
Borrowing library materials
Access to online resources such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines
Programs for adults
Programs for children
Public computers/printer/internet
Free Wifi
Reading, studying, meeting areas
Interlibrary loan services
Outreach programs and services (such as those currently offered in Edgewater and Canal Flats)
Access to technology: for example digitization, creation and editing of audio and video files
How do you typically find out about library programs and services? Please check all that apply.
How does the Invermere Public Library benefit you and/or the Columbia Valley?
The next four questions will help with the SCORE analysis for the new strategic plan for the library. SCORE stands for: strengths, challenges, opportunies, roadblocks, and evaluation. In this question, please identify two strengths of the library.
What are two challenges that face the library?
What are two opportunities that you think the library should consider?  Comments/Suggestions:
What are two roadblocks that you think the library is facing?
Overall, how important is the library to you and your family?
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