Free DevOps Self Assessment

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Contact Information
Design & Architecture
What is your standard approach to managing and deploying infrastructure ? 
How would you describe your company's primary method for software development?
Culture & Organization Alignment
Do Development and Operation Teams share tools?
How would you describe knowledge sharing between company's Development and IT teams?
How is information generated from tools shared between those with development and operations teams?
Test & Verification
Which of the following occurs during your QA and testing process?
How do applications perform in general once released into production?
Continuous Delivery
 How are applications developed and released at your company?
How would you describe your typical release process for key projects?
How often do you deploy code to production?
Operations & Support
Which of the following can your company monitor today?
Do your monitoring solutions predict potential issues before users are affected?
At your Organization, which of the following is the most common way to learn about service interruptions?
Which of the following occurs when your company handles major incidents?
How do your company route incidents and alerts in general?
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