Questions marked with a * are required
This form is required for any student wishing to withdraw from the JMU Honors College.

Note that student fees may not be reimbursed if the withdrawal is received after the add/drop class date (determined by the JMU Registrar's Office).

Questions regarding this withdrawal submission should be directed to honors@jmu.edu.
First and Last Name
Student ID #
JMU E-Mail Address
Please indicate your Honors College Track. If you are uncertain please check unknown.
What are your total cumulative credit hours (JMU and Transfer Credits)?
Why do you wish to be removed from the Honors College? Check all that apply
Please provide additional information/feedback as to why you wish to be removed from the Honors College.
Do you have suggestions for how the Honors College could have better served your needs?
Was the Honors College beneficial to you? In what ways?
Row 2
Are you leaving JMU
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