Wellness Survey

Which area of Goodwill are you a team member of?
Did you know that Goodwill Industries of Kentucky has a Wellness Program?
Have you  considered improving yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or financially?
Please choose up to 3 obstacles in the way of your health journey, whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially.
Did you participate in the wellness incentive program?
If you have not, why? If you have participated, type N/A
If you did participate in the Wellness incentive program, did you experience meaningful, long-term changes?
If you participated in the Wellness Incentive program, what was your favorite activity/ challenge in the program?
If you signed up for the first half of the incentive program but did not participate, why? Type N/A if you did participate.
What would you like to see offered as a part of the wellness program for 2023?
Have you had an annual physical done in the last 12 months
Have you visited the dentist in the last 12 months
Did you know that under your Goodwill health plan, you have access to telehealth services?
Are you on Goodwills health insurance plan? 
If you're not on Goodwill's health plan, what plan do you currently use?
Do you read the Wellness Wednesday communications that are released every Wednesday?
Did you know wellness had text message reminders? If you want to sign up, add your phone number below:
Do you currently use tobacco products?
Are you aware of the Quit For Life, the free tobacco cessation program we offer?
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