2023 Income Tax Questionnaire - Lewis & Co CPAs PC

Please confirm your contact Information:
Do you have any inherited income in 2023?
Did you or your spouse make any gifts of over $17,000?
Did you cash in education bonds or make contributions to a 529 plan?
Did you, or spouse, or dependent have any education expenses?
Was any dependent over 19 and, a student and working?
Did any dependent earn over $2,500 of investment income?
Did you have interest in a foreign bank account?
Did you purchase or sell any real estate in 2023?
Did you buy or sell any bit coin or digital currency in 2023?
If you are over 72, did you make any Qualified Charitable Contributions from your IRA?
Did you have any debts canceled or forgiven?
Did you have any money owed to you which is uncollectible?
Did you receive health insurance subsidies (Obama Care)?
Did you receive any unemployment insurance?
Did you pay 2023 estimated income tax payments as advised?
Do you expect your 2024 income to be similar to 2023?
May the IRS discuss your return with Lewis & Co CPAs PC?
How would you like a copy of your 2023 tax return sent to you?
Would you like to have a copy sent to your financial advisor or banker?  Not you
If so, the name and email of the individual:
How would you like to sign your return?
Do you want your 2023 refund direct deposited into your bank account?
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