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A survey for people struggling with dry eye
This survey is designed to (a) validate and contextualize your experiences; (b) inform, educate and inspire you about concepts and strategies that you may not have come across; and (c) gather data to inform and prioritize research about unmet needs of people with dry eye disease.
What to expect

PART 1 is about your personal dry eye profile. It includes an inventory of your dry eye symptoms and their patterns; how dry eye affects your quality of life; and information that can help explain your dry eye, such as diagnosis, co-morbidities, causes, clues and risk factors.

PART 2 is about your dry eye problem-solving history. Most of us have tried a lot of things. We will be asking about all the treatments and remedies you have tried and whether or how much they helped; about your experiences with eye doctors; and about what dry eye means to you financially.

PART 3 is where we connect the dots, look at the big picture of where you are at and provide a framework to help identify some future steps to take.

IMPORTANT: Tips for Success

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? We recommend planning on 45-60 minutes, but it depends how much you choose to share. There are 108 questions, 25 of which are optional. Most of the required questions are multiple choice or straightforward ratings. We provide many optional "Share more about..." opportunities.

WHAT IF I LOSE EVERYTHING? Please email us! We can always recover your data, up to the end of the last page that you completed. If you complete a partial page, we may not be able to recover that part.

SAVE & CONTINUE: If you find yourself running out of time, or just prefer to take this process one step at a time, look for the link at the end of each page. Make sure to complete all answers on the page first.

ABOUT THOSE 15 MINUTE WARNINGS: If you get a 15 minute warning, it is NOT about a deadline to complete the survey! It's only about the page that you are on. So please don't worry or feel rushed!

LONG FORM QUESTIONS: For those of you who choose to respond to the open-ended text form questions, we recommend jotting down your answers in a text document and then pasting them into the survey. There's just nothing quite like that sinking feeling you get when you type a long answer into your screen, then accidentally click on the wrong thing and lose it all!

By completing and submitting this survey, you are granting The Dry Eye Foundation unlimited use of your survey responses (without any personally identifying information) for all research purposes compatible with the mission of the Dry Eye Foundation, that is, to alleviate suffering for people with dry eye disease.
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