Factors influencing the implementation of the South African Council of the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP) code of conduct
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I am a student studying towards a BSc Honours degree at Nelson Mandela University, Department of Quantity surveying in Port Elizabeth. In partial fulfilment of the degree, a research treatise is required, based on a specific topic related to the construction industry. My research is entitled “Factors influencing the implementation of the South African Council of the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP) code of conduct”. Your participation will assist in better understanding methods of improving the trust and integrity of the Quantity Surveying profession in South Africa through identifying the factors that are important for effective implementation of the SACQSP code of conduct.

Fraudulent and corrupt practices are a worldwide phenomenon within the construction industry. These practices not only have harmful effects on morale, integrity and trust, but also financial implications. In South Africa, it is the SACQSP which is responsible for the formation and implementation of the code of conduct in the Quantity Surveying profession.  This study examines the obstacles to effective implementation of the cod of conduct. 

The target participants are Candidate and Professional Quantity Surveyors in South Africa. 

Your participation is entirely voluntary and you are free to decline to participate or to stop completing the questionnaire at any time, even if you have agreed to take part initially. Information about participants in this research will remain confidential. All responses will be anonymous.

If you have any questions about this study or encounter any problems, you can contact me, Esihle Dikiso at:
Phone: 0839505666
Email: esihledikiso.ed@gmail.com
Questions that would be asked will attempt to determine factors that influence the implementation of the code of professional conduct in South Africa, and the perceived effectiveness of the SACQSP Code of Conduct.

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