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We need your help to build our new website
We're doing research to better understand your needs in relation to a new CHI website.

The following questions and task will help us have a better understanding of the most important tasks the people who use our website want to do, so we can make it easier to find the information you need.

Why take part?
The things we learn in research will shape the future of the website and help improve the experience of finding information and support.

It should only take around 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

Your responses will not be shared outside of this research project and never published publicly.

Thank you again for taking part.
Imagine you're on the CHI website looking for information...

Take a moment to read through the entire list below.

Then select and prioritise the 5 tasks/resources from the list below that are MOST IMPORTANT to you when considering information you want or tasks you wish to accomplish.

Only select 5 and leave any other tasks blank.

Trust your first instincts and spend no more than 5 minutes on this exercise.
Visiting hours
Check an appointment
Query the wait time for an appointment
Get directions to a hospital
Give feedback or make a complaint
Find out what a department or specialism does
Parking space nearby
Find a person (e.g. Consultant)
Book a blood test
See what a Ward looks like and who works there
Request patient records
Parent accommodation
Procedure or treatment information
Read latest research initiatives
Condition or symptom information
Find my way around the hospital
Support groups for people with my condition
Attend an outpatient clinic
Prepare for a hospital visit
Apply for a job
Contact the hospital
See what facilities are available in the hospital
Pay a bill
Additional tasks

Which tasks, if any, have we missed out? And what score would you have given them?
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