International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management
1st Public Consultation
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Achieving a Sustainable Territorial Management that harmonizes health and prosperous societies with the maintenance of biodiversity and productivity of the ecosystem in the long term, remains the greatest global challenge.

To deal with this challenge, LIFE Institute, Itaipu Binational and Itaipu Technological Park are working together to launch an International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management. The Standard aims to establish clear rules so the local actors (public and private, in urban and rural areas) can adapt and coordinate their actions to jointly promote sustainability.

The Standard will also function as a diagnostic tool, applied through a software, which will allow defining and monitoring strategies and good practices in the territory, considering its Economic, Environmental, Social and Cultural aspects.

Sustainable Territorial Management combine technologies, policies and activities aimed at integrating socio-economic principles with environmental concerns so as to simultaneously:
- maintain or enhance production and services (productivity);
- reduce the level of production risks (security);
- protect the potential of natural resources to prevent soil and water degradation (protection);
- be economically viable (viability);
- be socially acceptable (acceptability).
Source: FAO (1983).
1st Public Consultation - International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management
This public consultation is open until 19th of July, 2020, 23:59 (UTC-3/Brasilia Time).
Answers and feedback received will be published, anonymously to preserve individual confidentiality, in a public report that will be provided to stakeholders and will be available on LIFE Institute website.
After the reading and analysis of "International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management - Principles and Criteria" draft version of the document (available here) you will be able to make suggestions for Standard's criteria.

The form presents the Principles and Criteria of the International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management, as follows:
- Principle (P): a fundamental issue underlying the concepts of International Standard on Sustainable Territorial Management according to its premises.
- Criterion (C): description of a procedure to comply with a principle.
The numbering conforms to the following hierarchy: Principles and Criteria in the following format: Pn.Cn, wherein “n” refers to the sequential number (P1.C1 : Principle 1, Criterion 1)

Along the form, your analysis will be performed by Principle, separately, following number sequence. 
Important information:
- Time estimated for completing the form is 30 minutes;
- You can click in "Save & Continue later" button to save your answers and finish completing the form later. Please make sure you return before closing date on 19th of July, 2020, 23:59 (UTC-3/Brasilia Time). 
- Your contributions will only  be send for analysis after submitting the form through pressing the "Done" button available on the last screen of the form;
- When clicking "<" button the information typed on the current page will be lost;
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