API Doc Workshop - Los Angeles
How would you rate the API documentation workshop overall?
Which sections did you find to be most relevant? 
How would you rate the workshop activities?
Did you get answers to nearly all your questions? 
How would you rate the assumptions about the technical level in the workshop?
Why did you take this workshop?
What is your current (or most recent) job title?
What should I focus on most to improve my workshop presentation skills?
How was the length of the workshop?
How was the price of the workshop?
How was the venue for the workshop?
How far did you travel to get to the workshop?
What comments/feedback do you have about the workshop? Any ideas on how I can improve it?
Workshop review? -- If desired, would you provide a short review of the workshop for others (like a movie review)? Depending on your review, this might help me promote the workshop for future events. 
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