Hey, all! 

We would be glad if you could help us develop a useful project for the digital nomads! We're partners from 4 countries (Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Spain) who want to explore the possibilities of attracting digital nomads to the European countryside! To find out how and convince local stakeholders (e. g. mayor, providers etc.), we are happy to read your answers about:   

·       your views on the (co)living in the countryside,
·       the most important things for a digital nomads in rural areas among
·       other relevant information about YOU!

Could you help us? :)  The survey will take about 15 minutes, but the good thing is that it's directly connected to your way of living - the digital nomads' lifestyle! The results will be published in a special magazine at the beginning of spring 2023, where you can also read other interesting interviews with enthusiastic digital nomads.  

This survey is part of the European project Nomadland: digital nomads - a new opportunity for the European rural areas. Learn more: https://nomadland-project.com 

Thank you for your contribution! 
Elena, Rocío, Luana, Silvestar, Angela, Wolfgang, Drejc & Matevž
Why did you become a digital nomad? Why did you choose the life of a digital nomad?
How long have you been a digital nomad?
Where do you live presently?
How long have you been living there?
What is your dream destination?
In how many different places have you lived?
How often do you change location (move to another place of residence)?
What do you do for a living?
What is your working regime like?
What degree of flexibility and freedom do you have at work? 
What are the most important factors when choosing a place to stay?
Cost of living
Employment opportunities
Traffic & Ease of the transportation
Crime Rate
Friends & Community
Weather & Climate
School & Education System
Health System
Visa offer
Community and like-minded People
Entertainment and Cultural offer
Tax System
Time Zone
Reliable High-Speed Internet Connection
When staying somewhere, what kind of accommodation do you prefer?
Would you like to live in the countryside?
When living in the countryside, to what degree are these factors important for you? 
Lower cost of living
A greater sense of community
A calmer pace of life
Closeness to nature
Quality of food and drinks
Air and water quality
Reliable high-speed Internet connection
How much do you agree with these statements? ( 1 I strongly disagree - 5 I strongly agree)
It’s much easier to find friends in the countryside than in big cities.
There’s much cleaner air in the countryside.
I feel safer in the countryside than in urban areas.
People in the countryside are very open-minded and open to new ideas.
People in the countryside are very creative and full of energy.
It's safer in the countryside than in big cities.
The countryside is the best for outdoor activities.
There’s plenty going on in the countryside!
If you decide to stay in the countryside as a digital nomad, what services are the most important for you? 
Would you like to help us with suggestions within the Nomadland project and help other digital nomads move to the countryside? 
When moving to a new country, what factors would you find most useful? 
Which most spoken languages do you speak? 
How old are you?
Where do you originally come from?
Have you ever considered Youth Infrastructure (ie. youth clubs, youth centres, associations) before moving to the countryside? (Why?/Why not? ) 
As a digital nomad, would you appreciate it if there was a local facilitator to help you settle down in your new area? 
Would you like to take part in the project activities and help us with suggestions, feedback or interview?

Would you like to add something for us? We would be glad to hear any suggestions, feedback or just comment about our project Nomadland!
If you want to receive updates from the Nomadland project, where we will inform you about the project activities, please write your contact e-mail below! 
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