Community Bank Sentiment Index (CBSI)
Community bankers are optimistic about the future. The majority of banks see stable or improving economic conditions and profitability.  

We know this because CSBS has embarked on an exciting new venture that compiles data to gauge the economic outlook of community banks across the nation. We have our first results ( the Community Bank Sentiment Index (CBSI), which surveyed banks this spring, and plan to update it each quarter.  

But in order for the CSBI to accurately inform expectations for the future of the economy, we need your participation.  
It will take four minutes for you to complete 15 questions. No preparation is required. Just open the survey link below and answer the questions about your thoughts on the economy 

Your response to seven core questions will give us a sense of how community bankers feel about the economic outlook. Your input to a few demographic questions and business plan questions will provide critical insights by size and geography.  

Data will be collected during the month of September with the initial reading released at the Community Bank Research and Policy Conference on October 1. We will resend the survey each quarter. 

Ultimately, the index will provide policymakers and the market with an important indicator of economic activity from those closest to the economy.    

We value your perspective. What happens at the local level matters to us all. 


Michael L. Stevens 
CSBS Senior Executive Vice President 

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