Dr. Silverman Questionnaire

Did you go for an evaluation with Dr Silverman as a result of one of the following?
(check ALL that apply)
What county were you evaluated by Dr. Silverman in?  (Check all that Apply)
During your evaluation with Dr. Silverman, were you alone with him?
While being evaluated by Dr Silverman, did he do any of the following things?
 (check ALL that apply)
Did you receive a copy of the report generated by Dr. Silverman after his evaluation of you?
Did you try to get a copy of the report generated by Dr. Silverman?
 If answered YES, I tried to get a copy, who did you ask? (please check all that apply )
Did you record your interaction with Dr Silverman?  
How many times, and on what dates were you evaluated by Dr. Silverman?
What is your gender?
Did the other party in family court have an evaluation by Dr Silverman? (i.e. spouse, other parent, ex-husband)
Any additional comments about your experience during an evaluation by Dr. Steven Silverman
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