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Project MMS provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to further their education. Project MMS scholars will have the full cost of tuition and fees paid for by the grant as they pursue a master’s degree in special education or social work.

In addition to the financial benefits, Project MMS scholars will also receive an enhanced educational experience with opportunities not provided to students who are not Project MMS scholars. These educational experiences include:
(a) a research apprenticeship supervised by a faculty member in the College of Education or School of Social Work;
(b) cross-training between special education and social work (students pursuing a master’s of special education will receive extra training in social work; students pursuing a master’s of social work will receive extra training in special education;
(c) three mentorship workshops (one each semester);
(d) an assigned mentor to guide your progress through the program.

Becoming a Project MMS scholar is highly competitive – only 11-12 applicants can be accepted each year. In no more than 500 words, please explain why you should be a Project MMS scholar. In your response, please include how the educational experiences of the program as mentioned above will help you meet your education and/or career goals.

Your response will be evaluated both on the substance and style of your writing.
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