RSV Burden Primary Care


Dr Sanchari Dutta, European Health Management Association, Belgium.
Prof Susanna Esposito, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Italy.
Prof Javier Díez-Domingo, Centre of Public Health Research of Valencia-FISABIO, Spain.
Prof Dr Arne Simon, Saarland University Hospital, Germany.
Dr Simon Nadel, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, UK.
Dr Sarah Marchal CHU-Lenval- Hôpitaux pédiatriques de Nice, France.
George Valiotis, European Health Management Association, Belgium.

Dear respondent,
We invite you to participate in this survey on the RSV-associated burden and disruption to the healthcare system in Europe. 
Every year in the winter months, healthcare organizations in Europe burden under the pressure of increased demand for hospital and outpatient services, and significant concerns around nosocomial transmission of seasonal respiratory pathogens e.g., RSV and influenza. This winter, the seasonal strain on our healthcare system is likely to be compounded by a new wave of COVID-19 cases and health providers and authorities remain poised to deal with a higher than average peak in winter respiratory pathogens.
We want to learn more about your view of system performance and pressures in the peak RSV season, and the actions required to mitigate the effects of RSV-associated health system disruption. The aims of this survey are to:

  1. Gather data on the treatment, management and burden of RSV in hospital and outpatient settings and document the disruption to optimal health system performance.
  2. Gather testimonies on the optimal approaches and strategies for RSV infection management within the community.
  3. Identify the best practices and organizational adaptations to minimize system-wide disruptions from RSV and contain its impact.
The information you provide will be published in a White Paper with evidence-based policy insights for RSV infection management in Europe.
  • This survey will take max. 10 minutes to complete.
  • Your participation is voluntary and completion of the survey implies consent to participate. Completion of a separate completion form is not required.
  • Your responses will be anonymous, kept confidential and only be reported in group summaries. Individual responses will not be reported.
  • Survey respondents can choose to have their name entered into a draw to win an Apple watch. To maintain your confidentiality, the contact information you provide for the draw will be separated from your survey responses and deleted after the draw is made.  
Your participation is much appreciated.
Disclosure: This work has received funding from Sanofi Pasteur and AstraZeneca. However, the funding companies have no influence on the conception, data analysis and publication of the survey results.
If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please contact Dr Sanchari Dutta at sanchari.dutta@ehma.org.
George Valiotis

Executive Director
EHMA Brussels  

Sanchari Dutta

Senior Research Specialist
EHMA Brussels

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