Understanding the pedagogical value of campus farms

Purpose of the research
The main goal of this project is to better understand how campus farms contribute to your leaning. Researchers at the University of Toronto are asking students enrolled in universities or colleges across Canada to share their experiences learning on their campus farm with us through a brief survey.

What you will be asked to do in the research
You’ll be asked to answer a number of questions that provide you an opportunity to reflect on your experience(s) with your campus farm.

Voluntary participation
Your participation in the study is completely voluntary. You can stop the survey at any time and your responses will not be recorded. You can choose to skip questions you are not comfortable answering. Your decision to stop the survey or skip questions will not influence the relationship you may have with the Research Team or your relationship with the University of Toronto either now, or in the future.

Risks and discomforts
There are no social, professional or economic risks associated with this research. You may experience some emotional discomfort as you are asked to take on a non-essential task within the context of Covid-19.

Your responses to the survey are completely anonymous. We are anonymizing responses, so neither your IP Address nor location can be tracked. The data collected from the survey will be downloaded onto the Principal Investigator’s password protected computer, or remain stored securely on the survey software’s servers. The Principle Investigator for the project will have access to the data through the survey software, but will not download any data. The data will be saved either on the Principal Investigator’s password protected computer and/or the survey software’s servers for a period of no more than 5 years, and then deleted.

While there are no direct financial benefits to your participation in this study however your responses will help us better understand the impact of campus farms on student learning. It is hoped that this research will contribute to strengthening and growing land-based learning opportunities.

How the data will be used
The data may be used in various kinds of reporting such as a summary report to be circulated publicly, and possibly conferences, public presentations, and academic and media articles. The data may also be used within the context of course of program requirements for student Research Assistants. You can find a summary of the findings on the Faculty Supervisor’s personal website (foodandchange.com) approximately two months after the survey closes.

Questions about the research?
If you have any questions about this research, or the ethics review process, you may contact the following people:
Sophia Srebot, Principle Investigator  
Michael Classens, Faculty Supervisor

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