340B Coalition Winter Conference Call for Speakers

Thank you for your interest in the 340B Coalition Winter Conference, which will take place March 27-29, 2023 at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina in California. The 340B Coalition Conferences are the nation’s most well attended and respected venues for stakeholders to hear the latest on 340B program developments and implementation. We are interested in receiving applications on a broad range of 340B-related topics, including operations, contract pharmacy, compliance, specialty pharmacy, health equity, and many other topics for the upcoming 2023 340B Coalition Winter Conference. 

Please use the button below to learn more and to submit a speaker application. If you start your application and need to complete it at a later time, please click "Save & Continue Later" and follow the instructions to resume completing your application.

Please note that only submissions for individual speakers will be considered.
For application questions, please contact education@340bhealth.org.
Required Information

  • Contact information: Please include your name, title, organization, address, city, state, zip code, office phone number, cell phone number, and email address. You may also include an administrative assistant's contact information if you prefer that we communicate through them.
  • Subject selection: Please check the subject(s) that you feel you are qualified to speak about.
  • Subject knowledge description: Please include four to six detailed bullet points that outline your knowledge on the selected subject(s).
  • Description of 340B experience: Please include a description of your experience with the 340B program, such as: 
    • Specific projects (e.g., work on 340B compliance matters, assist patients with pharmaceutical access and education, etc.)
    • Duties (e.g., sit on compliance team or clinical committee, involved in charity care policies or programs, etc.)
    • How long you have been working on 340B issues
Please note that incomplete speaker applications will not be considered.
Qualifications & Eligibility

Preference will be given to applications from 340B covered entities, pharmacies, and attorneys. Please understand that we will not be able to select all candidates.

340B Vendors and Service Providers
Due to the popularity of the 340B Lessons from the Field sessions at the last several conferences, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for 340B service providers to share their insights, best practices, and lessons learned from working with clients. Please note that this session is educational only and cannot include the promotion of products or services. 

In addition to Lessons from the Field sessions, speakers from 340B service providers may be considered for track sessions. If you are a vendor or 340B service provider interested in speaking to the 340B Coalition Winter Conference audience, please select the vendor option when filling out the form.

Rules for participating vendors' presentations:
  • 340B operations and practice should be the focus of your presentation
  • All presentations must be educational in nature to meet continuing education requirements. Additionally, per ACPE requirements, vendors and 340B service providers cannot influence the selection of speakers or the development of content of any sessions other than their individual content if selected to speak.
  • Organizations may not single out other vendors or providers
  • For Lessons from the Field sessions: please note that 340B Health's Pinnacle and Diamond Corporate Partners are guaranteed a speaker spot. For other 340B Health Corporate Partners and vendors, there might be a raffle for additional slots, depending on availability.

Speaker Requirements

If selected to be a speaker at the 340B Coalition Summer Conference, you will be required to submit the following:  
  • Speaker Confirmation Agreement
  • Continuing education form(s) for the continuing education provider
  • Your bio and photo for the conference app
  • Cell phone number (to be used for contact on-site during the conference)
  • A PowerPoint presentation using the Winter Conference slide template if you are asked to prepare one.

All speaker materials, forms, and slides must be returned to 340B Health by the requested deadlines or speakers may be replaced.

Benefits of Speaking

Speaking at this conference will highlight your 340B expertise and connect you with other 340B experts. By presenting, you will:
  • Receive one (1) free conference registration (for most speaker roles) which will grant you access to educational sessions according to your stakeholder group, receptions, and the exhibit hall
  • Advance your reputation as a leader in the industry and as an expert in your field
  • Network with other experts in the 340B program
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