Doctors and Clinics in Saudi
Do you work in the private or public sector?
What type of booking system do you use now?
What is the most frustrating part about managing patient appointment bookings and scheduling?
Are insurance companies a determining factor in accepting the type of patients you receive in your clinic?
Would indicating the types of insurances you or your clinic accept help further in managing your patient bookings?
Would you be interested in an online system that would manage your time efficiently, increase your visibility online, increase the number of patients you receive per month, allows for easy communication between you and your patient and receive more patients regarding your specialty?
Have you already tried using an online appointment booking service? 
If yes, which booking platform and how was/is your experience. 
What amount would you be willing to pay for this kind of service on a subscription basis per doctor per month with no additional fees? If other, please specify. 
Would you be interested in a system that merges online booking as well as patient medical record keeping including prescriptions and documents if it is secure?
If you have any comments you would like to share whether about the frustrations of managing patients or any kind of service you would like to use please share here:  
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