5 Reasons to Get an Emotional Support Rabbit

Looking for an emotional support animal but cannot afford a cat or a dog? Rabbits are just what you are looking for. While cats and dogs still remain the most famous and common types of ESAs, rabbits are also quite high on the list.
These furry creatures are adorable and make great ESA for someone who does not have time and patience to train and maintain a cat or a dog. However, you will need an ESA letter to keep a rabbit also.
Following are some of the ways that makes a rabbit an ideal ESA choice.

1. Gentle and Loving
Just like their soft fur, rabbits have extremely gentle and loving nature. Unlike a cat or a dog, they have quite easygoing and pliant nature. Once they build that bond with their owner, they love to snuggle up with them and cuddle who day long. However, be gentle and handle your ESA gently.
2. Quiet and Easy to Pet
Dogs are noisy. No matter how much we love and adore them, they are noisy and this may annoy your neighbors. If you don't like noisy environment or living in a neighborhood that is not very encouraging of noisy dogs or cats running all over the place then a rabbit is an ideal choice for you. Rabbits are quiet, easy to pet and a great choice if you live in an apartment.
3. Requires Less Space and Maintenance
Since rabbits are teeny weeny creatures, they need less space and maintenance. You could use a cage to keep your ESA but we suggest you to make sure that the rabbit is big enough and the cage has enough space for it to stretch and move around. You will not have to take it on walks but you still need to look after its diet and wellbeing.
4. Easy to Train
Rabbits are way easier to train. Like a cat, they just know what to do and how to do it. They instinctively know how to use the litter box and are good at learning and performing tricks. But be gentle and use treats like carrots, bananas and apples to motivate and train them, you will be surprised to know how intelligent your ESA bunny is.
5. Adorable and Unique Personality
Rabbits are not only adorable and cute but they are very much like us. Like humans, rabbits also have unique personalities and characters. You will be surprised to know how different these bunnies could be from each other. When visiting the shelter, spend some time with different rabbits to see if they match with your personality.
They could be funny, playful, shy, grumpy and lazy, which makes them all the more colorful and interesting.
The main job of an ESA is to provide comfort and unconditional love and a rabbit is really good at it.If you qualify to ESA letter for housing then your animal is more secure.
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