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Welcome to the Western Region Agricultural Workers Stress Survey For Guam! 
We are asking you to participate in this research study to learn about the various stressors that
agricultural workers face, as well as what type of information they would most like to receive to help them manage their stress.
Information gathered from this research will help researchers from across 13 western states and 4 US territories develop education and outreach materials to help agricultural producers better manage their stress and obtain additional resources if/when needed. However, the survey itself is being carried out by a smaller team of researchers from Montana State University, Colorado State University, and the University of Nevada, Reno. 
If you agree to participate you will be asked to complete a survey that should take approximately 15 minutes of your time. You can choose to not answer any questions you do not want to answer and/or you can stop the survey at any time.
This study is considered to be minimal risk of harm. This means the risks of your participation in the research are similar in type or intensity to what you encounter during your daily activities. You may experience minor discomfort due to thinking about stress. Although all of the benefits of this research are not certain, we hope to learn more about the mental health of agriculture workers as well as the stressors that they face. The direct benefit to you is that we will use the information we collect in this survey to develop free educational and outreach programs to help agricultural workers across the Western Region of the US minimize their stress. We also plan to use these developed programs to contribute to scientific knowledge.  We will treat your identity and the information collected about you with professional standards of confidentiality and protect it to the extent allowed by law. Your responses to this survey cannot be traced back to you, and you will not be personally identified in any reports or publications that may result from this study.     

Upon completing the survey, you will be asked if you would like to be entered to win a $50 online gift card (ten $50 cards are available per U.S. state/territory), you will also be invited to participate in Phase 2 of this project, which involves a 30-45 minute phone interview with someone on our research team. If you are interested, and are randomly selected, you will automatically receive a 
$75 gift card upon successful completion of the interview.    

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the survey to the Principal Investigators, Dr. Kuan-Ju Chen (chenkj@triton.uog.edu)/(671)735-2053/2051), Co-principal Investigator Mr. Jesse Bamba (bambaj@triton.uog.edu)/(671)735-2091/2051) and Study Coordinators, Elvira Gisog (gisoge@triton.uog.edu) and Mary Wiley (wileym@triton.uog.edu).
Thank you for your participation in this study!  
Consent to the Western Regional Agricultural Producer Stress Assistance Program Survey
Investigators: Dr. Kuan-Ju Chen and Mr. Jesse Bamba
Cooperative Extension and Outreach
CHRS#: 22-73
Approval Date: June 16, 2022
Expiration Date: June 15, 2023
If you understand the statements above, and freely consent to participate in this study, please answer ‘yes’ to begin the survey: 
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