Ubiquitous Expo Feedback Survey

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Which Ubiquitous Show did you attend? Please check all that apply
How did you hear about the Ubiquitous Expo? Please check all that apply.
What do you enjoy most about the Ubiquitous Expo? Please check all that apply.
Please rate your experience at the Ubiquitous Women’s Expo. 
Ratings:  5 stars-Fantastic, 4 stars-Good, 3 stars-Ok, 2 stars-Could be Better, 1 star-Not Good
Ticket Price
Musical Entertainment
Workshops/Master Sessions
Show Length
Show Advertising
5.Please comment on any other areas regarding your experience.
How would you improve the Ubiquitous Expo? Please check all that apply.
7.If you change anything about the Ubiquitous Expo, what would you change?
8.We 💜 our special invited guests. Please list the artists or special guests you would like to see onstage at the Ubiquitous Expo.
9.What social media platforms do you use? (Select all that apply)?
10.What industries do you interact with or visit the most at the Ubiquitous Expo? (Please check all that apply)
11.Please tell us what other industries or brands you would like to see at the Ubiquitous Expo.
12.How pleased are you with the Ubiquitous Expo overall?
13.How do you normally wear your hair?
14.What haircare brands do you use? Please check all that apply.
15.If not listed above, please list other haircare brand you use.
16.What beauty/skincare brands do you use?  Please check all that apply.
17.If not listed above, please list other beauty/skincare brand you use.
18.Where do you shop regularly? Please check all that apply.
19.What are your pronouns?
20.What is your age?
21.What is your ethnicity
22.What is your highest level of education?
23.What is your average household income?
24.Where do you live?
25.Please tell us about yourself to receive an Exclusive Discount Code to purchase an $8.00 ticket to the 2022 Ubiquitous Expo.
(47% savings on advanced ticket price of $15.00)
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