2021-2022 Community Needs Assessment
Dear Community Member:

Thank you for completing Greene Lamp’s Community Needs Assessment Survey.  It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  The purpose of the community assessment is to identify new or underserved populations, assess the needs of the community, identify available resources, and assist programs with responding to the diverse needs of children and families in the service area.  In this survey, approximately 600 people will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about our community.

There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project.  However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions, you can withdraw from the survey at any point.  It is very important for us to learn your opinions.  Certain questions that may not apply to you or your circumstance, have been formatted to skip to the next section of questions.  This will allow a cut down on the time it takes to complete this survey.

Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate.  If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedure you may contact Felicia White, CSBG Administrative Assistant, by phone at 252-523-7770 ext. 110, or by email at fwhite@greenelamp.org.

The deadline for survey completion is March 5, 2021. Please feel free to forward the Greene Lamp Community Needs Assessment to your business/professional and personal contacts. Thank you very much for your time and support.
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