Business Agility Assessment

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How is the mindset in your organization regarding the need for different leadership in a high VUCA environment?
How would you describe willingness of leaders to invest in their growth towards more agile leadership?
How decisions are made around how to achieve an outcome to be taken by those doing the work?
Do Leaders in your Organization take ownership of curating a great organizational culture?
How would you describe your culture, Is it aligned with flexibility, adaptiveness and experimentation?
Company policies to incentivize and reinforce behavior with our stated values.
How would you describe designing of the organization around the flow of customer value rather than functions?
How would you describe the environment for collaboration and teamwork?
What is the environment for inter-team collaboration and cooperation across organizational boundaries?
What is the clarity around the positive change the organization seeks to bring about for customers?
How would you describe the flow of information in your organization?
Alignment of HR policies to those conducive to create effective knowledge workers.
How would describe your Organization's investing in products and services which endure over temporary projects?
Does your Organization allow evolution of solutions through fast-feedback and continual course-correction?
How is the testing of new business ideas quickly and cheaply with real customers before ramping up investment?
How does your Organization use tools, techniques and frameworks which are contextually appropriate?
How does the work flow through the system?
How would you describe the focus and initiatives? 
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