Help Us Provide a Better Apprenticeship System in Ireland

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A consultation process is under way nationally to support the development of a new Apprenticeship Action Plan to 2025 (click here to learn more). Regional Skills endeavours to support this process with our focus in particular on supporting SMEs in the South-West to increase participation in apprenticeship programmes.

These brief questions allow you to inform us on your insights that will contribute to the overall development of the Plan. Please complete before COB Friday 25th September to have your voice included.
Are you aware of apprenticeships on offer in Ireland? 
Craft/Trade Apprenticeships
Non Craft/Trade Apprenticeship (Accounting, Hospitality, Sales/Retail, Logistics etc.(
Have you ever hired an apprentice?
If yes, which apprenticeship, and what was your experience?
If no, is there any particular reason for not hiring an Apprentice? Would you consider participating in an Apprenticeship in the future?
Any additional comments to inform this new Apprenticeship Action Plan. Comments/Suggestions:
How could the Apprenticeship System be made more attractive for employers?
Company Name:
Industry Sector:
Contact Email:
Consent to : 
Consent to be contacted for further information or links on apprenticeship consultation (this might help as the consultation process progresses) 
GDPR- that information will be used solely to inform insights for the new Apprenticeship Action Plan.
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