Attending a Local Adult School As a Retiree

Across the United States, communities have continuing education and adult education classes held at the local adult schools. Adult schools provide general interest courses and continuing education classes and they are great place for seniors to take courses. Adult schools offer everything from GED preparation programs to computer training. In some states, community-based lifelong learning institutes have been created by retired individuals. 
These institutes have partnered with local adult schools to provide non-credit academic programs.
For retirees, finding out how and where to take a class will take a little research, but with so many offerings, finding the right class will happen. Most classes are free or offer senior discounts, and in some my essays cases, senior scholarships are available. With colleges becoming more accommodating individuals are sure to find some kind of course to enhance their learning. Whether it is a new career or an introduction to a topic you have always wondered about, the college setting -- online or physical -- is a prime resource for senior students.
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