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Get the best quality scrub, medical uniform, diagnostic equipment and more from Scrubs and Beyond. There is wide range of collection on footwear, jacket, lab coat, pants, tops and equipment from various brand. All the items are made for the medical purpose and all the products last longs. Scrub are necessary one in medical field for men and women which is simple and easy to wear. It is low cost and it is easy to launder. When a surgeon or nurse comes in normal clothes from the street there is chance of patient getting infected from bacteria or germs. Patient needs to be clean and should be in sterile environment where all the health professional wear it after coming to hospital and also they remove it while going outside the hospital to prevent carrying germs or bacteria to the outside world. This is a protective clothing and keeps the cross contamination to a minimum level. In the current world there is a huge increase in bacteria and germs. There are various types of scrub like V-neck scrub top, crossover over scrub top, reversible scrub top,  loose fit mock wrap scrub top, stylish patch pocket scrub top and more with various color and sizes available. From Scrubs and Beyond V-neck scrub top is comfortable to wear and it is designed for easy movement with slits. Crossover over scrub top is long and it has a good stretch. Reversible scrub can be wore on both sides and it has many roomy pockets. Scrub pant are of drawstring type which gives you a perfect comfort and pockets to keep your accessories like cell phone, notes and more.

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At Scrubs and Beyond is separate footwear used in the medical field like clogs which gives you comfort, safety and reduces stress on the leg. A good pair of nursing clog makes you to do the work comfortably without any physical strain. Scrubs and Beyond is specially designed for nurses and it reduces strain those who work for long hour. All the nursing clog are stylish and gives you a professional look. This shoes is best for those who have feet ailment and gives you best arch support. Medical shoes are easy to sanitize and clean as well as helps to reduce feet and back pain.There are different types of nursing shoes like mary janes flat, clogs, sneaker and slip-on. mary janes flat are the best pair of comfortable shoes which is easy to wear and remove. This footwear comes with a strap design that makes the upper foot uncovered. From Scrubs and BeyondNursing clog are the popular one that has spacious front and open back that offers better ventilation which also gives better pressure point relief on feet. The slip on shoes are used for busy environment that has no securing straps or tying lace. This footwear gives you best comfort, support and anti-fague. Sneaker is a long lasting footwear that offers utmost comfort during long working hour and this shoes can be used who has heel pain, flat feet, back pain and plantar fasciitis. You can also use this shoe for playing tennis and for running.
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