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How you find about us? (multiple answers possible)
Did you ever place an order in our online shop (
What device you use when you visit our shop (and also other online shops)? 
When you are online - visiting any online shop - do you search for F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) section?
Do you ever visit our FAQ section here?:
What theme do you like the most? (not necessarily from our shop) - multiple answers possible
Did you ever come to our shop, but something made you decide not to place the order? What was "that" something? (multiple answers possible)
Do you you want to say something to the team? [your (any kind of) feedback is important for us] - optional
How satisfied are you with our services, overall?
How likely would you recommend our shop? (1 star lowest, 5 stars highest)
On 2020, July 1st - we will make a lucky draw from participants in this questionnaire, with prize 30, 20, and 10 FOTW cards (your home country) given for free - no buying condition. Therefore we need your Contact Information (of course, if you agree). Please fill below (EU citizens - GDPR Approval included) :
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