E-commerce and Women-Led SMEs in Lebanon: Sell your Products on Local and International E-commerce marketplaces 

We are looking for Women-led companies in Lebanon

Take part in our E-commerce Programme to Sell your Products on Local and International E-commerce marketplaces 
The International Trade Centre (ITC) and the World Bank are implementing the “E-commerce and Women-Led SMEs in Lebanon” project aimed at increasing market access and sales by women-owned small and medium enterprises (WSMEs) via improved access to e-commerce platforms. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) and Flat6Labs.
This project will train and certify 20 e-commerce coaches (in the majority women) and will make 125 WSMES visible on e-commerce platforms. Women entrepreneurs will be connected to local and international e-commerce platforms and offered hands-on advisory support.
The firms selected will receive  group and individual training by a coach to  list on national and/or international marketplaces and run a successful online business. Strong commitment to attend the training and carry out the work demanded in the training is mandatory. The coaching will be delivered in 2 phases.
Phase 1: Foundations of e-commerce [Fourth quarter (Q4) 2020 to first quarter (Q1) 2021]
Unit 1: Analysing and preparing your e-commerce offering
Unit 2: Content creation and digitization
Unit 3: Account opening, payments, shipping
Phase 2: E-commerce operations / management [Second quarter (Q2) 2021 to third quarter (Q3) 2021]

Unit 4: Account management, customer service, and returns
Unit 5: Digital marketing 
Unit 6: Internationalisation (advanced module)
Time and work commitment
This is an exciting opportunity to receive in depth training on e-commerce and specific support to sell on an online marketplace. All SMEs that apply will need to commit to carrying out the full training and activities requested by the coach. Each unit listed above requires at least 1 week of work (over a period of 3 to 5 weeks). Each unit includes:
- 1 day of group training with an e-commerce coach
- One coaching session with the coach
- Remote support: the coach will provide advisory to SMEs to help them complete the tasks 
Frequently asked questions
When does the project start? Q4 2020
How long is the project? 12- 18 months
How much time do I need to commit to the project? A minimum of 12 weeks over the course of the project (approximately 5 to 7 full working days per unit)
Will I receive individual support? There will be a mix of training in small groups and 1-1 coaching sessions
What work will I need to do? Amongst other things, you will need to prepare the content that you want to list on the marketplace (product description, photos, company information), establish your pricing, and identify your target market, set up payment and shipping solutions, and create an account on the selected marketplace.
Will I need to travel? Some travel will be required. The training will be provided with the support of a local TechHub (Flat6Labs) that has multiple training locations in the country. All efforts will be made to provide training in a convenient location.
Is there a fee? There is no fee to join the project however you will be responsible for your own expenses and any fees related to the creation of your online business.
What other support will I receive? Business development networking opportunities with e-commerce experts and key e-commerce stakeholders in the market, access to free e-learning, access to photographic equipment to digitize your content and other complementary support offered by the TechHub.

Selection process
If your application is selected following your registration on this site, you will be contacted no later than December 10, 2020, by email to confirm your participation and receive instructions on the next steps of the e-commerce programme.

The registration deadline is set to November 30, 2020.
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