Partial Nephrectomy Vs SABR
Kidney Cancer UK are hosting this survey on behalf of a research programme at Cambridge University Hospital and Royal Free Hospital.

The team is considering a clinical trial for patients with newly diagnosed small renal cancers (of less than 4cm), though please note that this survey is not restricted to patients who exclusively meet that criteria. For this survey we are seeking your general opinion and choices, we ask you to please continue if you are a kidney cancer patient at any stage of your journey, your answers will make a difference.

The current standard treatment for these cancers is partial nephrectomy (PN), a surgical operation in which part of the kidney is removed. The alternative treatment being considered is called SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy) a kind of radiotherapy in which patients receive one or three treatments of high-dose radiotherapy to the cancer.

We would like to find out more about patient’s views on SABR as a possible treatment for small renal cancer.

Please read the options in the survey and click the button corresponding to the treatment you would prefer in each case, either 'PN' (partial nephrectomy), or 'SABR' the newer treatment, or 'No preference'.

Thank you very much for your time and support. 
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