School Leader Speak Up 2023-24 Survey

Dear School Administrator:

Thank you for your contributions to this national research on the impact of new learning models and technology on teaching and learning. Project Tomorrow, an education nonprofit organization, has facilitated the Speak Up Research Project since 2003. Our mission is to ensure that the voices and views of key K-12 stakeholders including students, parents, teachers and administrators are included in local, state and federal decisions about education.

Your candid feedback on this survey is important. Please know that we are not selling anything here and that no school or district funds are being used to support this research. Speak Up is a free data collection service that we make available to every K-12 school and district to learn about the views of their stakeholders.

We use nationally aggregated data to create an annual series of reports, infographics and presentations to inform policy, program and funding decisions. We are not interested in any individual respondent data; your responses are 100% protected. You can learn more about Speak Up here (www.tomorrow.org) and also learn how students, teachers and parents from your school community can participate as well. The Speak Up questions are mostly multiple-choice.

You should be able to complete this survey in under 15 minutes. You are able to enter your email to Save and Continue the survey. Your email will not be attached to the survey results.

Your opinions and ideas matter to us! The survey is open from October 26, 2023 through May 31, 2024.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this national research. And thank you for your commitment to your students and their future success.

Dr. Julie A. Evans
Chief Executive Officer
Project Tomorrow

Contact us at speakup@tomorrow.org
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