Service Project After Action Survey

Enter the start date of your service project.
Which unit completed the service project?
In which semester was the service project completed?
Name of cadet in charge of the project:
Briefly describe the service project::
Project location/site:
If your project had more than one date, enter the dates in this format: Day 1: MMDDYYYY, Day 2: MMDDYYYY, Day 3: MMDDYYYY
How many cadets participated in your service project?
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Approximately how many hours did each individual work?
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Did you have a discussion with your group on the meaning and impact of the project for the community?
What do you think your unit learned from providing this service?
Would you recommend this project for your unit for next year?
Do you have any other comments, observations, or recommendations pertaining to this project or community need?
Who was the community point of contact for this project? (Name, email, phone). Enter the word UNKNOWN if you did not organize this event.
What is the impact of service in leadership development?
What is the impact of service in the community?