Hello– thank you for helping with survey. We will use your feedback in our quest to build better protein alternatives, with an Asian twist!

Our goal is to create delicious, nutritious protein products out of mycelium. We believe that ready-made options for some of our favorite Asian dishes are the way to go, but that's why we are talking to you.

Terminology we use:
Alternative Protein -  broad category for alternatives to animal proteins, like plant-based, insect, lab-grown, algae and the like.
Alternative Protein Products - specific products in the alt protein category, like veggie burgers, cricket flour, jackfruit pulled pork, dairy-free cheese, tempeh bacon, egg substitutes, etc.

This survey will take approximately 4 minutes and is strictly confidential, all data will be reported only in aggregate. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at admin@mycovation.asia

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