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Project Description

Development of an Interactive Web3D Virtual Art Gallery

Project Abstract

Development of an Interactive Web3D Virtual Art Gallery

The purpose of this combined investigative, action, and evaluative applied research project is to determine the feasibility, usability, and acceptability of implementing qualified application software available in the emerging interactive Web3D technology market for the design and development of a robust 3D virtual art gallery for a local professional artist/photographer (Edith Krüger-Nye, Apache Junction, Arizona).

Related Research Topics:

The following related research topics will be covered in this applied research project:

• Comparison of Interactive Web3D modeling, rendering and animation technologies—
including the availability of applicable software, hardware, and associated peripheral equipment.

• Theoretical, as well as the application-oriented implications of implementing 3D
visualization on the Internet/Web.

• The comparative identification of the potential differences and identified pros and cons between the implementation of 3D versus 2D imaging and interactive scenic environments on the Internet/Web.

• Study of the current state-of-the-art Graphic User Interface (GUI) technologies with
reference to the implementation of dynamic, interactive Web browsers that are currently
available for use in Web3D environments.

• Review of the sensation and perception theories, methods, techniques, and issues published in the field of applied psychology with regards to the audience or end-user discriminate factors of acceptability and usability.

• Historical review of the emergence, and advanced technological use of 3D computer
graphics for Internet/Web purposes from the past to the present.

Research Objectives:

The following research objectives have been established to guide the overall applied research project process:

• Conduct a thorough literature review that focuses on the key technologies, issues, concerns, methods, techniques, and approaches that are typically used in the newly emerging interactive Web3D technology arena.

• Compare and select a set of interactive Web3D technology software applications/tools that appear to be the potential tools for designing and developing Web3D virtual art galleries.

• Establish a qualifying set of criteria to be used to select the most appropriate interactive Web3D technology software program(s).

• Investigate, experiment, and select the best interactive Web3D software program(s) to use for the subsequent design, development, and production of the envisioned Web3D virtual art gallery.

• Establish a Panel of Experts to assist the researcher in the testing and evaluation of the pilot (e.g., beta version) Web 3D virtual art gallery, and prepare an appropriate Evaluation Questionnaire and Testing Guideline for use by the members of the Panel of Experts.

• Gather/Collect the results of the Evaluation and Testing process, analyze the results, document and report the findings.

• Prepare and publish the conclusions and recommendations for the written applied research project report and graduate committee oral defense.

Surveys released for this project:
Virtual Art Gallery 25
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