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Integrating Government File Classification Systems with EDMS

Project Abstract

Rules concerning the capture and retention of public information are governed in Canada by the “Freedom of Information Actâ€�? which states that a citizen of Canada “has a right of access to any record in the custody or under the control of a public body, including a record containing personal information about the applicantâ€�?.
As such, the Clerk’s Offices within local governments are responsible for designing and implementing a file classification system (FCS) that will not only meet their individual needs but also ensure that information is captured and retained in a structured manner for the “life-cycleâ€�? of the document. Consequently through a working group known as the “Municipal Officers Associationâ€�? (referred to as MOA), the Clerks offices within British Columbia (BC) have collectively developed a file classification system.

A large majority of the municipal government institutions in BC have chosen “Hummingbird 2004 – DM â€�? (formerly known as “PC Docsâ€�?) as their Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). As an independent consultant, I have worked directly with a number government bodies within BC and will therefore utilize contacts gained in both their Clerks Offices and their Information Technology (IT) departments to facilitate research for this project.

Surveys released for this project:
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