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Project Description

An Examination of the Effect of Web Site User Involvement on Perceived Credibility of Web Sites

Project Abstract

Individuals are increasingly relying on Internet content to influence life-impacting decisions. This reliance generates the need for these individuals to evaluate the credibility of this content and demands that Web designers effectively communicate the credibility of Web content to the users.

In order to understand credibility evaluation, the proposed study will seek to understand how user involvement affects perceived credibility. The study will determine the relationship between two variables: enduring involvement and situational involvement. The study will then measure the effect of these two independent variables on perceived credibility of Web sites.

There will be two levels of enduring involvement: high and low. There will be two levels of situational involvement: decision-task and no decision-task. The two variables produce a 2 x 2 factorial design. The main effects and interaction effects will be analyzed, and the effects of enduring involvement and situational involvement on the perceived credibility of Web sites will be measured.

A supplemental analysis will assess whether the four groups produced by the factorial design (high enduring involvement - decision-task, high enduring involvement - no decision-task, low enduring involvement – decision-task, and low enduring involvement – no decision-task) vary with regard to the Web site element categories (source, message, receiver, context, and medium) noticed during credibility evaluation.

The research will determine the relationship between enduring involvement and situational involvement and will determine interaction effects between the two variables and their effect on perceived credibility. It is hoped that the supplemental analysis will serve as a foundation for a credibility design framework that can aid Web site designers in more effectively communicating credibility to users.

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